Our People

Desiree De Spong, CEO and Founder

Desiree, a visionary leader and the Founder and CEO of Medella Health, stands at the forefront of lymphatic therapy with nearly two decades of unwavering clinical expertise. A true luminary in her field, Desiree is not only a seasoned practitioner but an international educator who passionately imparts her profound knowledge through sought-after courses in Lymph Node Release Therapy. Her impact resonates beyond borders, as she graces stages and conferences both in the USA and New Zealand, inspiring clinicians worldwide with her insights.

Desiree’s journey is one of empowerment, education, and innovation. Her profound influence has not only elevated the practice of lymphatic therapy but also ignited a transformative wave of wellness that extends globally. As CEO, educator, and innovator, Desiree continues to redefine the boundaries of possibility in her quest to enhance lives and shape the future of health and well-being.

Bridget Dennis, COO

Bridget is a successful, forward-thinking, and people-oriented senior business leader, with more than 20 years’ experience working with international markets. She thrives on building robust and sustainable businesses, crafting ambitious plans, and delivering on these with high-performing and engaged teams.

As the Chief Operations Officer of Medella Health, Bridget is entrusted with the seamless realization of Medella Health’s mission to empower individuals globally to proactively manage their health and well-being through accessible integrated health management solutions.

Always customer-centric, Bridget builds long and enduring relationships with stakeholders, championing operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Her career has taught her the value of fostering win-win collaborations, and she excels in both identifying and cultivating enduring partnerships that deliver value for all stakeholders involved.

Passionate about making a difference in the lives of those around her, she believes in the transformative power of Flowpresso to repair, recover and restore your biological balance.

Steve Canning, Logistics and Supply Chain Director

With 28 years of dedicated service in the New Zealand Police force, Steve experienced firsthand the immense stresses and strains of a high-intensity work environment. Driven by a strong belief in the system’s ethos and technology, Steve teamed up with Desiree and since bringing her vision to life, he – and his former colleagues – have experienced the positive effects of Flowpresso.

Now, as the Director of our supply chain operations, Steve applies his expertise to logistics and supply chain management. Steve is the magic behind our reputation for an unwavering customer service ethos. Calm under pressure, he builds strong relationships with clients – his customer-focus ensures responsiveness and commitment in developing solutions that work for everyone.

Personally ensuring the quality of our product is maintained to the highest standards, Steve’s role allows him to continue his mission of protecting people’s health and wellbeing, leveraging his extensive experience in the public sector and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Freddie Kimmel, Head of Innovation

An expert in the field of wellness technology, Freddie is a highly sought-after speaker, pod caster and educator. Certified in Functional Health, Biological Medicine, and International Sports Science, he’s featured in prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the upcoming Amazon Prime Documentary: Biohack Yourself. Being a proud survivor of metastatic cancer, Lyme, and toxic mold has given Freddie a unique perspective on the power of the human spirit, and how to live a healthier, happier life.

Passionate about the role Flowpresso can play in helping people reset and activate their body’s natural healing mechanisms, Freddie is Medella Health’s Head of Innovation. In this role, Freddie takes Flowpresso to the world – creating innovative ways to educate people on the importance of the lymphatic system as well as the transformative care that Flowpresso offers.

Before dedicating his life to wellness, Freddie was a talented performer, having toured across the country in Broadway productions of Phantom of the Opera, Billy Elliot, and Cagney the Musical. With a deep understanding of the healing power of music, he continues to sing every day!

Michele Nelson, Training Manager

Known as “The Lymph Guru”, Michele is a renowned naturopath, lymphatic specialist and fitness enthusiast. A former professional musician, Michele transitioned into healthcare when her husband developed an esophagus condition, prompting them to seek effective solutions together. Through this journey, she discovered the crucial role of treating the body from its foundation,. This led to her specialize in lymphatics, which she affectionately calls the “river of life”.

As a teacher, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker for more than 20 years, Michelle dedicates her life to helping individuals understand the power of a healthy lymphatic system. With more than a decade of clinical experience, Michele recognizes the challenges faced by practitioners and the benefits that Flowpresso can bring to both clinics and their clients. Her extensive expertise makes her the ideal leader for our practitioner training program.

Diane Coates, Logistics and Sales Administrator

Diane brings over 25 years of expertise in logistics, along with extensive experience in administration, customer service, and operations across various industries, to Flowpresso. Her diverse background equips her with a deep understanding of the unique needs of our customers.

Known for her calm demeanor, attention to detail, and unwavering focus on the customer, Diane has a natural ability to empathize and provide reassurance, instilling confidence in those she interacts with. Her commitment to going the extra mile ensures that every customer receives exceptional service and an outstanding experience with Flowpresso.

Passionate about health and wellbeing, Diane is excited to blend her professional skills with her dedication to making a positive impact on people’s lives worldwide. As our Logistics and Sales Administrator, she serves as the primary point of contact for our customers, guaranteeing they have an outstanding experience when working with Flowpresso.

Max De Spong, Digital Administrator

Max, Flowpresso’s Digital Administrator, merges a unique blend of technology and customer service expertise. As a teenager, his interest in robotics ignited a passion for using technology to solve complex problems and enhance daily life.

Following high school, Max delved into the hospitality industry, refining his skills in customer service and operations. This experience underscored the importance of attention to detail and seamless user experiences, which are now crucial in his role.

At Flowpresso, Max oversees our digital platforms. While managing the new website, he troubleshoots system issues, and optimizes workflows and data management. His contributions are essential in aligning our digital infrastructure with the company’s goals.

Our Board Members

Rod De Spong, Board Chair

Rod De Spong is the Chief Operating Officer at Douglas Pharmaceuticals, bringing a wealth of experience, expertise, and strategic insight to the board of Medella Health.

With a distinguished career in the pharmaceutical industry, Rod has a proven track record of driving operational excellence and strategic growth. He has successfully managed large teams, optimized supply chains, and implemented transformative operational strategies. Rod’s ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver results has been instrumental in contributing to the strategic direction of Flowpresso’, propelling the business to new heights.

Through strategic initiatives and maximizing business opportunities, Rod’s contributions reflect his dedication to advancing healthcare solutions and delivering impactful results in the industry.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for excellence, Rod is dedicated to ensuring Medella Health, the parent company of Flowpresso, continues to lead the world in the development of lymphatic drainage solutions, delivering high-quality products and exceptional service to its customers worldwide. His leadership and strategic vision continue to drive Medella Health forward, positioning the company for continued success and growth in the global healthcare market.

Matt Harrison, Board Chair

Matt Harrison delivers expert advisory services to a diverse array of clients, including listed companies, and private businesses. His broad client base reflects his ability to provide tailored solutions and strategic guidance across various industries. Prior to his current role, Matt was a senior member of the direct investment team at HRL Morrison & Co, where he focused on opportunity origination, execution, investment management, and realization.

At HRL Morrison & Co, Matt managed investments across a broad range of sectors on behalf of Infratil, along with several domestic and international sovereign wealth funds. His extensive expertise spans various industries, ensuring a well-rounded approach to advisory services.

Currently, Matt serves as a director for several family office investee companies in sectors such as horticulture, FMCG, waste and beauty. His comprehensive knowledge and strategic insight make him an invaluable asset to our Board.