Looking to use Flowpresso® in your clinic or becoming a Distributor?

Integrate Flowpresso into your Practice

Join the forefront of healthcare innovation with Flowpresso. Enhance your clinic’s offerings, exceed patient expectations, and enjoy the financial and reputational benefits of being a leader in modern, effective therapy solutions.

Enhance Patient Outcomes

Flowpresso® is designed with the patient’s well-being in mind, offering a non-invasive and effective treatment option that compliments existing therapies. Its ability to improve healing outcomes can lead to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty, key factors in a successful healthcare practice.


Financial Benefits for Your Practice

Incorporating Flowpresso® into your clinic not only benefits your patients but also your bottom line. Its efficiency and effectiveness in treatment provide an excellent return on investment, with the potential to attract new patients and increase the demand for services, thereby enhancing your clinic’s profitability.

Maximise the Investment

Recognizing the importance of maximizing your investment, Flowpresso represents an unparalleled addition to your business, setting a new standard in health and wellness technology. Our commitment extends beyond delivering an exceptional product; we delve into understanding your unique business needs, ensuring Flowpresso integrates seamlessly to enhance your service offerings and client satisfaction.

> Unassisted Revenue
> R.O.I & Retention
> Client Experience
> Flowpresso as a Solution

Integrate Flowpresso into your Practice

Sports Recovery

Athletic training centers are at the forefront of sports science, constantly seeking advanced solutions. Integrating Flowpresso into an athletic training center can significantly enhance the performance and recovery of athletes.

Healthcare Practitioners

Incorporating Flowpresso into a healthcare practice can greatly benefit practitioners by offering a versatile non-invasive technology improving patient care and ROI.


Flowpresso® offers a unique, evidence-based approach to patient care, merging the therapeutic benefits of compression and heat therapy into a single, non-invasive treatment modality.

Why Choose Flowpresso

vs other compression products

Comprehensive Therapy:

Flowpresso combines compression and heat, offering a multifaceted approach to therapy that goes beyond just compression.


Delivering heat in Flowpresso, offers numerous therapeutic advantages. This innovative approach helps enhance circulation, promote relaxation, and support the body’s natural detoxification processes.


Research showing Flowpresso can improve sleep by 92% and reduce stress by 55% after just three sessions is a significant value addition.

Marketing Support

At Flowpresso, we understand the importance of cohesive and effective marketing to not only attract but also retain clients in today’s competitive wellness landscape. To support our partners in this endeavour, we have developed a Resource Support Portal, meticulously designed to assist clinics of all sizes in executing marketing strategies that perfectly align with our brand’s ethos and values. Our portal provides access to a wealth of resources, all crafted to ensure your clinic can effectively communicate the unique benefits of Flowpresso technology.