Flowpresso, we stand firmly on the foundation of scientific rigor and clinical validation.

It’s imperative to us that the effectiveness of our technology is not only witnessed through extensive in-the-field clinical experience but is also solidified by clinical studies demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of Flowpresso. Our commitment to this dual approach of real-world application and empirical evidence will continue with ongoing research which will ensure that every recommendation of our technology is backed by a robust framework of clinical data.

We engage in ongoing collaborations with health professionals across various disciplines to rigorously test and validate the impact of Flowpresso in diverse clinical settings. Through this commitment to evidence-based practice, Flowpresso aims to revolutionize wellness and healing, providing our partners and their clients with not just transformative health technology, but one that is proven to deliver on its promises. With FDA clearance we are now underway with research to continue to validate Flowpresso effects on post traumatic and post-surgical medical and/or surgical conditions.

Flowpresso Current Research

Pilot Trial Poster - presented at Sports & Exercise New Zealand

The effects of cyclical deep pressure applied by Flowpresso of sleep and stress

Alison Parkes, Desiree De Spong, Martyn Beavan

Te Huataki Wairoa School of Health, The University of Waikato; Medella Health Ltd, New Zealand

Our Results

There was a positive outcome in improving subjective sleep quality in up to 92% of the first responders in Study A and 77% in Study B. Across both studies, sleep improved by 25%, which was statistically significant (p < 0.001), with the effect sizes for both studies being large (d > 1.05) making it clinically relevant.

The subjective stress symptomatology improved in 61% of the first responders in Study A, and 63% in Study B.

Our Conclusion

The results of the two independent studies advocate a beneficial contribution of the cyclical deep pressure therapy and heat applied by the Flowpresso on improving stress symptomatology and sleep quality in a cohort of first responders.

More Research - Coming Soon

In the field Clinical Experience

To date the following has been reported from our clinics:

Why we use a higher mm/Hg to other Competitors

The compression pressure of a lymphatic therapy device is a crucial factor in determining its effectiveness. Our Founder, who developed this product, has had over 20 years experience in the lymphology world and rigorously tested the effects of compression. Our 130mm/Hg was based on this compressive testing but is also based on her research:

Safety & Efficacy

Our dedication to revolutionizing wellness through innovative technology is matched only by our unwavering commitment to safety and efficacy. We understand that the foundation of trust lies in the assurance that our solutions are not just effective, but rigorously tested and validated for safety. To this end, every aspect of Flowpresso is subject to stringent clinical evaluations and continuous oversight to ensure it meets the highest standards of health and safety regulations.

Our collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals and adherence to empirical research protocols underscore our promise to deliver a product that is not only transformative in its benefits but also secure and reliable for all users. It is this dedication to excellence and safety that drives us forward, as we continue to set new benchmarks in the wellness technology space, ensuring that our partners and their clients can experience the full potential of Flowpresso with confidence and peace of mind.